A Visit to Trier & Luxembourg

After ProWein, I took the train to visit some family friends in Trier. Here are photos of the Mosel River Valley with vineyards along the way:

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Meet Anders Wannborg, my host in Trier, who’s married to my stepmother’s childhood friend, Nina. They have a great love story, but that’s for another day…


Aside from loving Nina, playing the clarinet in a jazz band and in general living life to its fullest, Anders is also a big lover of wine! In fact, he helped me taste through the wines as I selected for our first container in 2011. An avid collector, here are some shots from his wine cellar:

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Nina and Anders live near the old town in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Their apartment is built over Roman ruins which had to be preserved during construction, leaving an old Roman cistern in the basement behind their wine cellar. Crazy:

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We spent time walking around Trier, which is home to Germany’s oldest church, the Trier Dom (Cathedral of Trier). Parts of the church date back to 380 AD:

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On my second day with them, we visited Luxembourg, only 15 minutes from Trier. Here is the Vianden Castle, built in the 11th & 14th centuries:

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We also visited a long-time friend of Anders’ — the proprietor of Wengler, Luxembourg’s biggest wine trader, selling both wholesale and retail …Amazing:

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And now we are back at home in Trier, enjoying a glass of 2001 Reuter-Dusemund Riesling Auslese:


Wow! What a wonderful trip! Off to Munich tomorrow to see my brother & his family, then back to Seattle on Monday.



About J. Strecker Selections

J. Strecker Selections is a wine import company focused on bringing delicious, good value wines from the Old World to the Northwest marketplace.
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