Bodegas Tavera (Castilla La Mancha)

This wine is one of Julie’s favorites! With its medium body and earthy spiciness, this blend of Syrah & Tempranillo is an easy sipper, great with food or alone; just a wonderful little wine.  This winery is a family winery located in Castilla La Mancha which is an area historically known for producing massive amounts of mediocre wine.  The González López family felt that they could take a different approach, reduce production, improve quality, and start a trend for well-made, well-priced wines from this area. They’ve succeeded with this one!

More on the winery:
Bodegas y Viñedos TAVERA was set up in 2005, the culmination of a history rooted in generations of wine growing tradition in the González López family. Throughout the 20th century, the González López family has been devoted to making wine in traditional wineries with grapes which come from their own vineyards. In 2005 the new wine cellar was set up to make, age, bottle and distibute estate wines (and also virgin extra olive oil) of the highest quality under the appellations of the Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla country wines and D.O. Méntrida. The 40 hectare vineyard is owned and controlled by the bodega and spreads across the municipal boundaries of Camarena and Arcicollar. The oldest vines, planted from 1921 onwards, are goblet-pruned width a square system of planting, while the more recent ones are trimmed along trellis wires.Tempranillo, Garnacha and Syrah are the varieties of grapes cultivated. The wines of Bodegas TAVERA have a modem up to date style in which we try to preserve the characteristics of each particular variety and complement them with just the right amount of ageing in casks from only the very best cooperages, made from oak from different geographical sources and width different volumes.

Bodegas Tavera Cendal, which is a blend of Syrah & Tempranillo is our one little jewel from this winery.  Let me know if you’d be interested in this wine at the wholesale level.  I hightly recommend it!

Jens Strecker, Owner
J. Strecker Selections & Portalis Wines


About J. Strecker Selections

J. Strecker Selections is a wine import company focused on bringing delicious, good value wines from the Old World to the Northwest marketplace.
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