Alpha Loire Domaines, an extensive line from France’s Loire Valley

I actually stumbled across this winery in Seattle at a Loire Valley tasting via a team of French sisters, who represent Alpha Loire in the international marketplace. The wines are just outstanding and even better for the price.  They have quite a large portfolio for such a young wine company, and they produce some really interesting wines.  I have since met Philippe (1 of 3 winemakers) on a trip to Europe, and I have a nice connection with him.  He’s a personable guy (and through their promotional material you’d even think he was funny), but he’s very serious about what he does. I am a big fan of this up & coming winery, and I’m very pleased to carry quite a few of their wines, including several Sauvignon Blanc, a Vouvray, a Pinot d’Aunis Rosé & most recently added: 2 reds from the Loire Valley.  See the details below:

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More on the winery:
The name Alpha Loire comes from a combination of the winemakers names: AL for Alain, PH for Philippe and PHA for (Fa)bienne. Alpha is also the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus, which is something the winemakers are connected to.  Their strategy is based on sustainable development and the influence of the stars on the vineyards. Working in harmony and with respect for the nature, they are committed to sharing information about the enjoyment of food and wines in a lifestyle of moderation and responsibility. Recently established as producer of some of the best Estates along the Loire Valley, they are also able to offer a complete range of Loire Wines and take full advantage of the experience of its winemaking team and of the selection of rich diversity of soils and climates. The concept of the wines are based on the values of friendship, elegance, experience, passion, authenticity and honor, combined with their own personal values of loyalty, respect, courage, and enthusiasm. They aim to be a conscious wine producer committed to producing high quality & enjoyable wines!

We carry the following wines from several of their lines:
Roche de Lune Touraine
Roche de Lune Sancerre
Roche de Lune Vouvray
Roche de Feu 2010 AOC Chinon

Domaine de la Croix Bouquie Touraine
Domaine de la Croix Bouquie Pinot d’Aunis Rosé
Domaine de la Croix Bouquie Touraine Rouge

These wines are beutifully made, fabulous examples of wines from the Loire Valley. Please let me know if you’d like to taste them for purchase at the wholesale level.

Jens Strecker, Owner
J. Strecker Selections & Portalis Wines


About J. Strecker Selections

J. Strecker Selections is a wine import company focused on bringing delicious, good value wines from the Old World to the Northwest marketplace.
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