Domaine Les Fusionels from Faugères (Languedoc, France)

Winemakers Jem & Arielle Harris

This is another winery that François hooked me up with for our first shipment.  Wines from Faugères (in the northeastern end of Languedoc on the Mediterranean) are not well known, but they can still cost a pretty penny in the Seattle marketplace. I think this wine, with its flavors of dark fruit, coffee & herbs is outstanding — in fact out of all the wines we import, I consider this wine one of the best in our book.  It retails for around $20, which is not always an easy sell for a lesser-known region, but it’s an amazing wine for the price and it’s very competitively priced for this quality of wine from Fauguères which normally ranges from $22-$35.

A little about the winery:
Les Fusionels is more than just the fusing of two people, Arielle (French) and Jem (Australian), it is the mélange of two wine making philosophies. From the old world, there is a respect for the terroir & tradition. From the new world, there is an embrace of modernity with technology.

The franco-australian alchemy, resulting from the couple’s fortuitous meeting in Australia in 2004, sparked an adventure that would bring them to the A.O.C. winegrowing region of the Faugères in Languedoc in the South of France. A.O.C. Faugères is famous worldwide for its exceptional schisty, spicy red wines and wine-making tradition. Les Fusionels, in exploiting their unique elevation along with their expertise and imagination, have succeeded in conceiving a selection of unique vintages, ideal accompaniments for any special occasion or treat. Their A.O.C. Faugères wines are seemingly original yet familiar, spicy yet elegant and fruity yet complex.

” We don’t make pretentious wines, but wines to be enjoyed during life’s finer moments, such as family get togethers, a glass with an old friend, or dinner with a special person.” – Arielle

Les Fusionels apply their trade in the small wine-making commune of Cabrerolles in the heart of the Faugères in Languedoc.The Faugères, a small appellation in the foothills of the Cevennes Mountains, is well renowned for its spicy red wines and fruity rosés, that benefit from its unique Mediterranean micro-climate. The special conditions and terroir that give Faugères wines their distinctive taste are its schisty soil, the scorching Mediterranean climate and its elevated position. The famous schist soil is dry and friable, which allows the roots of the vines to penetrate deeply in search of moisture during the hot, dry summer. It also absorbs the heat of the daytime before releasing it in the cooler evenings. All of this helps the grape’s maturity and increases its concentration.

“The unique conditions of the Faugères help us produce fruity and spicy wines of exceptional quality” – Arielle & Jem. The marin (sea) and tramontane (north-east) winds are regular visitors to the Faugères hills, yet their presence is welcomed as they ventilate the vineyards and limit fungal formations.

Les Fusionels’ land is positioned in an ideal location at an altitude of between 200 and 400 metres, it faces due south and the full glare of the summer Languedocien sun. This, fused with Arielle and Jem’s savoir-faire, help produce their elegant and complex vintages. Les Fusionels are passionate about creating original, quality wines, but not to the extent of neglecting the importance of the environment.

Viticulture raisonnée is the term used to describe how their vines are nurtured. This philosophy means that chemicals are kept to a bare minimum, the land is ploughed instead of applying herbicides and only organic fertilisers are used. “Our philosophy is to exploit our unique terroir to make exceptional wines, whilst employing viticultural practices which are in harmony with nature” – Jem. Low yields of between 25-35 hl/hectare are achieved to ensure maturity of the grapes and naturally all of the picking is done carefully by hand. All machines that risk damaging the produce are avoided at all costs. Transfer operations are carried out using gravity and not pumps in order to keep the fruit in optimal condition. “Each individual vineyard parcel is given its own tank in the winery, so as to exploit their own individual characteristics” – Arielle.

J. Strecker is proud to import the 2008 Cuvée “Le Rêve” AOC Faugères from Domaine Les Fusionels. Please be in touch if you are interested in buying this wine at the wholesale level.

Jens Strecker
Owner, J. Strecker Selections


About J. Strecker Selections

J. Strecker Selections is a wine import company focused on bringing delicious, good value wines from the Old World to the Northwest marketplace.
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